New Groups are starting!

Small Group Options (now through April)

Small Group Options

Group Name: “Iron Man”

Day/Time of Meeting: Saturday mornings

Leader: Marc Wheeler

Who can come:  Men


Life can be brutal. Every day men must manage their lives with stress and pressures. But we can stand together, pray together, and encourage one another.  Iron sharpens iron!  Join us for a time of breakfast and study.


Group Name: “Girl Talk”

Day/Time of Meeting: Fridays at 6:00 pm

Leaders: Pastor Dona Alleyne & Brenda Conner

Who can come: Women


God has given men and women unique gifts and qualities that are all necessary for building His Kingdom, but sometimes girls just need some time together! This group will be a time for women to come together and share about what God is doing in their lives, study Scripture, and lift each other up in prayer.

Group Name: “Rooted”

Day/Time of Meeting: Sundays after the 11 AM service

Leader: Erin Mitchell

Who can come: Anyone

Just like a plant finds strength in its roots, so do we. This group is all about digging our roots down deep. In our spiritual life, in our church, in our community. If you are ready to be Rooted this group is ready for you.

Group Name: “I Want to Be a Disciple” 

Day/Time of Meeting: Online, once a week

Leader: Pastor Stephen

Who can come: Anyone

Have you ever wanted to be discipled? Join Pastor Stephen as he leads a group of believers through an intensive series of spiritual disciplines as you go deeper in your spiritual walk.  This can all be done online with work scheduled each week to be done as it fits your schedule.  Limited space available. 


Group Name: “Doers of the Word”

Day/Time of Meeting:  Wednesdays at 6:30 pm

Leader: Pat Kriebel

Who can come: Anyone

What does it mean to be a “doer of the Word”? We hear and read the Bible, God’s Word, but does it do us any good unless we live it each day and allow it to transform our lives? The focus of this group will be to study key verses in Scripture and discuss what God is teaching us through those verses. We will also spend time memorizing them, writing them on our hearts, so that they will transform us as we recall them throughout


Name: “Walk Through the Bible”

Day/Time of Meeting: Sundays at 10:00 am

Leader: Dona Alleyne & Steve Custom

Who can come: Anyone

Join us as we explore God’s Word. We will journey through the text and watch for God’s fingerprints throughout. Come ready for discussion, encouragement, and learning. We serve an awesome God and His Word is our foundation.

Group Name: “Sunday Morning Prayer”

Day/Time of Meeting: Sundays at 9:00 am

Leader: Mark & Nadine Tedeschi

Who can come: Anyone

Join us on Sunday mornings as we spend time in prayer over prayer requests, needs of our nation, and seeking God’s will for our church.