Small Groups

Group Name: ReNew (mind, body, Spirit)
Day/Time of Meeting: TBD
Leader: Marc Wheeler
Who can come: Anyone

This group is designed around healthy eating and a healthy spiritual life. For our physical bodies: The ReNew Food Plan is a way of eating that reduces intake of all sweeteners and processed foods, lowers inflammation, and improves the body’s ability to eliminate harmful substances. It places a strong emphasis on eating clean foods for life and avoiding those foods that impair the body’s ability to function properly. For our spiritual life: We will spend time together growing in the Word and through prayer.

Group Name: True Spirituality – Becoming a Romans 12 Christian
Day/Time of Meeting:  TBD
Leader: Pat Kriebel
Who can come: Anyone

Christians today live in a world that is activity-heavy and relationship-light.  The result is spiritual emptiness.  We struggle to know what God wants FROM us and FOR us…. And we’re unsure what a real relationship with God really looks like.
Is this group for you? If you answer yes to any of these questions, sign up
Are you spiritually hungry?
Do you long for more God?
Are you spiritually stuck?
Are you ready for a challenge?

Group Name: Iron Men
Day/Time of Meeting:  TBD
Leaders: Marc Wheeler, Steve Custom, and Ray Oldham
Who can come: Men

This group is about discipleship for men.  Life can be brutal. Every day men must manage their lives with stress and pressures. But we can stand together, pray together, and encourage one another.  Iron sharpens iron!  Join us for a time of breakfast and study

Group Name: “Doers of the Word”
Day/Time of Meeting:  TBD
Leader: Pat Kriebel
Who can come: Anyone

What does it mean to be a “doer of the Word”? We hear and read the Bible, God’s Word, but does it do us any good unless we live it each day and allow it to transform our lives? The focus of this group will be to study key verses in Scripture and discuss what God is teaching us through those verses. We will also spend time memorizing them, writing them on our hearts, so that they will transform us as we recall them throughout the week.

Group: Daughter of The King
Date/Time: Friday @ 6:00pm (starts Oct 20)
Leaders: Brenda and Dona
Who can come:
Women 15-100

Embrace who God created you to be. Discovering your Image Type. Your sense of style is not only the way you dress, but also your way of doing things and the way you process information. It is your very essence, God placed this sense of style in your spirit when He created you. We have a royal heritage and we can walk in the realm of the miraculous. Discover what makes your individual beauty so extraordinary.

Resource used: “You are a Daughter of The King”  by Gail Hayes

Group Name:  Be Obedient: A study of Hebrews
Day/Time of Meeting:   Sunday @ 10 AM
Leaders: Steve Custom and Mark Tedeschi
Who can come: Anyone

Join us as walk through the book of Hebrews.  It is a great book to study about being obedient to God and how we live out our Christian faith.  Go chapter by chapter and verse by verse to get that in-depth bible study you need to take you further in your spiritual life.  

Group Name: “Spiritual Disciplines 101”
Day/Time of Meeting: Online, once a week
Leader: Pastor Stephen
Who can come: Anyone

Have you ever wanted to be discipled? Join Pastor Stephen as he leads a group of believers through an intensive series of spiritual disciplines as you go deeper in your spiritual walk.  This can all be done online with work scheduled each week to be done as it fits your schedule.  Learn a new spiritual discipline each week and find out that there many ways to connect with God.

Group Name: “Sunday Morning Prayer”
Day/Time of Meeting: Sundays at 9:00 am
Leader: Nadine Tedeschi
Who can come: Anyone

Join us on Sunday mornings as we spend time in prayer over prayer requests, needs of our nation, and seeking God’s will for our church.

Group Name: “Real Life”
Day/Time of Meeting: Friday, Saturday or Sunday (twice a month) with online dialogue the other week
Leaders: Evelyn Anderson and Ruby Robinson
Who can come: Teens and Young Adults

The choices we make in our life are important!  They impact our present, our future, and those around us.  Hear from guest speakers about their journey and how God made positive changes out of what seemed like bad situations.  Learn through the Bible and how God used all types of people to change the world.  Chat about what is on your mind and get answers to real questions dealing with real life.  All questions are welcome!

Group Name: “The Do Something”
Day/Time of Meeting: Once a month
Leader: Pastor Carolyn
Who can come: Anyone

Do you ever just need time to be together with the people of the church? Sometimes life gets so busy that we miss out on time to spend with other people who love Jesus and want to make a difference in His kingdom. This group is designed to make intentional time for people to be together, sharing life, and praying for one another. The goal will be a once a month meeting doing something together. It could be going out to eat, gathering in someone’s home, or going on a fun adventure!