What We Value
We are “All In” with Jesus
 He is our #1 and takes precedence over everything else in life.
Mark 8:34-38; Galatians 2:20
Everyone has a seat at the table
We are about welcoming everyone, no matter where they are in life. While not all opinions are equal at the table, all are welcome.
Acts 2:42-47; Revelation 7:9-10

Transformation is the Goal 
God is continually working in our lives as He renews His image in us. Often, this is seen when people begin to ask: How can I help?  In a family, everyone has certain roles they play and chores to accomplish. The church family is no different. It takes everyone helping in any way they can to make things happen.
Romans 12:1-2; Philippians 3:12-14; Ephesians 4:22-24;  Matthew 9:37-38; Acts 6:1-7

Authenticity… Be real with God and others

We don’t want people to pretend, fake, or conform their way through life. It is only as we are real and vulnerable before God that we have the type of relationship God wants and we need.