Our Mission is His Mission
The mission of the church is to define what the church is striving to do. It answers the question of why we exist and what goals we are seeking to achieve.  We have a simple four fold mission:

Reach, Teach, Connect, Model

Reach Matthew 10:42;  Luke 15:25-27; James 1:27; Galatians 6:10
We believe people matter to God and therefore matter to us. We want to reach people where they are with the love and hope of Jesus.
We do this in four ways:
1. Invest and invite people who are not yet Christians
2. By creating a safe and welcoming place
3. Reach people with genuine concern and intentional effort
4. Relevant worship services that connect to the lives of people today
Teach  Psalm 119:105; Matthew 28:16-20; Hebrews 4:12
Teach believers the word of God and how to become self-feeders and Kingdom builders
We do this through
1. Through Sunday,  adult-oriented, worship celebrations
2. Through Sunday, Children/Student-oriented, worship celebrations
3. Through seasonal/short term studies
Connect John 14:6; Acts 2:42-47; Romans 12:10; 1 Peter 3:8
We desire to connect with God and with other believers. Because of Jesus Christ we have access to a relationship with God and the ability to live in harmony with others.
We do this through
1. Sharing life together with accountability
2. Serving Communion weekly
3. Worshiping God in each of our communal gatherings
4. Champion mentoring relationships
Model Matthew 5:13-16; Luke 6:40; Ephesians 5:1; 1 Peter 2:12-17; Titus 2:7
Being a model demands we think, act, and live like Jesus.
We do this through
1. Attenders become all that God created them to be in Christ.
2. Members serve Christ through ministries of the local church on Sundays and throughout the week as salt and light in the world.
3. Grow upward (in intimacy with God) and outward (in community).