What to expect

Whenever you visit a new church, it is hard to know what you’ll find. Here’s a little insight about what you’ll experience during your visit with us! 
Diversity We have a great mix of ethnicities and people from all walks of life attend our services.  Young and old, black and white.  There is room for any type of person here.
People dressed in various attire. There is no dress code! Come as you are.
A community feeling. We’re a church for everyone!
People shaking hands and socializing. We know and care about each other!
Energetic, contemporary worship. We’ve got drums, guitars, keyboard, as well as some stringed instruments.  Hymns and newer songs are all used. But our focus is not on style of songs, but on Christ.  Worship is the key and our services are full of life.
Scriptures and prayers. This is how we get to know who God is and engage in a real relationship with Him!  Each service will have several scriptures and times of prayer.  We occasionally read one of the creeds of the Church as well.
A conversational style sermon. Pastor Stephen doesn’t lecture us. He talks with us. You’ll feel like you’re a part of the sermon. The message is easy to understand and deep enough to call us out of our ordinary life to live empowered by God.
Communion. We celebrate the Lord’s Supper each service to remember God’s gift to us. The table is open to all people who have or want to make a commitment to Christ.
A free brunch before and after each service. We invite everyone to enjoy an after-service social, where we serve a variety of goods from Panera Bread. People sit back, enjoy some great food, and get to know everyone, including our pastor!